Matusalem Gran Reserva Rum

There are a number of rums claiming to be made from an original recipe from Cuba, but most fall short of capturing the elusive flavor of Cuba.

The designation 15 Solera Blender has never been meaningfully explained to me and most consumers I know confuse this with an age statement that this rum has been aged 15 years. The brown glass bottle disguises the color of this rum which is almost exactly the same as that of Matusalem Classico brand, which carries the designation of 10 Solera Blender. But despite this confusion if these two rums are poured into clear glasses, Gran Reserva has succeeded in very closely resembling the flavor of Havana Club Añejo Reserva bottled in Cuba.

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7 Responses to Matusalem Gran Reserva Rum

  1. John-Christopher Ward says:

    I would expect the word “solera” refers to the Spanish technique of blending Jerez. I suspect that each bottle of 15 Solera would mean that it is a blend of 15 years of rum, a little from each of the 15 years of production.

  2. I absolutely love this rum.

    I usually drink Barbancourt 5 star as they do not sell Gran Reserva in Vermont. I need to order it by the case.

    Because I travel a lot I have found Gran Reserva in some unusual places, such as Dallas, Texas and Tallinn, Estonia.

  3. Barry Moreland says:

    As a ex Canadian Navy man I drink mainly Pussers Rum but on occaisions I treet myself to a Guatemala rum called Zaya Gran Reserva. This is a 12 year old pure suger distilled
    product, it may not be the best in the world but I’d say it’s in the top two.

  4. rum guy says:

    Actually Zaya Gran Reserva is made from fermented sugar cane syrup and not sugar cane juice. But it is good rum and deserves your taste. I find the heavy cocoa and coffee flavors to be well balanced. This is made by the same distillery that makes Ron Zacapa Centenario and the Botran line of rums.

  5. caribbean sailer says:

    currently my favorite for sipping.

  6. LynchMOB says:

    Zaya & Zacapa are my 2 favorite rums. I just ordered a bottle of Ron Botran Solera 1983 hoping for that sweet Guatemala rum. I tried a Matusalem in the past, I dont recall which one but I did not care for it.

  7. Love Rum says:

    According to the boox (I just bought a bottle), the main blender rum is aged 15 years.

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