Rum 101 on the Today Show

Thursday, May 3rd the Today Show will broadcast a short RUM 101 segment which I recorded at the Forbidden Island bar in Alameda, CA a few weeks ago, in the last half hour of the show. There will also be a live studio tasting of several rums. If you miss the live broadcast, this segment will be archived on


5 Responses to Rum 101 on the Today Show

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hey Ed,
    I can’t find the Today Show archive. Missed the show…that work thing got in the way!

  2. Ed Hamilton says:

    Rebecca, you didn’t miss it. Rum 101 got delayed until Matt Lauer gets back from his round the world in 5 days tour. I’m told it will air sometime in June but dont’ have a date yet. As soon as I know something I’ll post it on the Rum Forum on the Ministry of Rum website.

  3. caribbean sailor says:

    Keep us posted. Sorry I missed the Forbidden Island Bar, but it was less than 24 hours prior to a planned Moorings charter in the BVIs. There is nothing better than steel drums and rum punch. Why is the rum always gone?

  4. Hallo

    where can I buy Rum 101.
    And does anyone know the general importer for ZAYA rum ?

    Stephan Macha

  5. Ed Hamilton says:

    Rum 101 from the Today Show can be downloaded from Zaya is produced by Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala.

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