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  1. Russell C. Fette says:

    I was interested in the Award winning recipes by Cristal Clear Spirits Pirate’s Choice, especially Guava Mama but Pirate’s Choice Key Lime or Molasses Reef Dark is not available outside of Florida. What would be a comparible alternative to Molasses Dark Reef?

    • thecoverunner says:

      Ed: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada is celebrating 250 yrs. in 2011. As we have a rich Rumrunning history we would like as part of the commemoration a Yarmouth 250 Rum. Our 250 logo on the label, we want to buy 500 bottles ( 40 0z. ) Our Nova Scotia Liqiour Commission will be the importing agent. Do you have any info to lead us to a reputable Dark Rum Producer?

  2. Ed, if one wanted to start a rum distillery in the U.S., what type of rum would you recommend be produced considering current trends and future trends?

    Thanks – Richard

  3. Ed Hamilton says:

    For a new rum to be successful, it has to have a strong local following. If the locals don’t drink it, why would anyone else drink it?
    I would start with the local taste and go from there. Authenticity is another important criteria, does the area where the distillery is going to be located have a tradition of rum making?
    I wouldn’t try to find the best selling rum in your area and then make a better rum to capture the existing market. Above all, a new rum needs to be good whether it’s a clear rum or an aged rum which has taken years to make.

  4. Ed – thanks for your reply. Good advice. I’ll probably be back with more questions as we move this idea along.


  5. Hi Ed!

    I just visited the eGullet today and found that the Ministry of Rum forum had been merged with other, less interesting spirits and cocktails discussions. Do you have any plans to open a new dedicated forum for rums in the near future?

    I’m running a rum forum in Finnish (with an non-used English section, ), but I miss the knowledge that you and other international rum drinkers can impart.

    Thanks, Marko

  6. john reekie ( rum searcher) says:

    ED… Happy New year. I was down lake sailing when you came to National Yacht Club last summer. This has been my yacht club for the last 32 years. I had been looking forward to meating you at long last but a friend was short crewed and had to get his boat home. Loyalties for Club members and sailors.

    Look forward to the new book..just letme know when it will be out.

    You will not find me in egullet nowadays, ever since they changed the layout . Now one can not find rums in one easy column or file I am not prepaired to scroll through thousands of other sprite and drink letters to find you Sorry.

    Anyway looking for the new book soon. John Reekie.

  7. rum guy says:

    In regards to eGullet, I supported combining the Ministry of Rum forum with Fine Spirits and Cocktails but now see the problem for rumlovers. My initial thought was that by combining those forums it might introduce more people to rum and more rum lovers to other fine cocktails, of which there are many.

    I’m in the process of a major upgrade at Ministry of which will ultimately include a forum dedicated to rum. Technology is changing very quickly and I look forward to implementing whatever I can do to help disseminate more information about rum.

  8. Ed and Rum Guy

    Thank you for bringing back a forum dedicated to rum. I appreciate discussion and information about rum. The former eGullet rum forum was of great value to me as a collector of rum. I look forward to the new forum.

  9. Scott Newitt says:

    I am a Louisiana native who runs a Wholesale Wine/Spirits Distributor in South Carolina. I also own a little South Carolina Vodka named Firefly. I am a huge Rum fan and am thinking of developing a rum from the caribean and adding a little South Carolina to it. Legend in Charleston, SC says that between the late 1600s and late 1700s, Tall ships from the caribean used to bring barrels of rum to Charleston. The natives would meet the ships in the harbor and buy the rum to avoid taxes. I am thinking of creating a rum based on this theme.

    Your Thoughts?


  10. Gail says:

    I have located the Rum on your web site which was purchased for me by a friend visiting Puerto Rico. It appears that there are no distributors either retail or otherwise in the United States from which I can purchase this set of Light Medium and dark Ron Del Baririlito Brand Rum. It is outstanding in it’s threesome package as it offers different tastes for different needs. Do you have a recommendation as to which rum I can purchase in the United States which is most similar to this brand? I currently reside in North Carolina but travel between Chicago and Charlotte frequently. I have looked everywhere, from Sams (old location on Halsted) to Binny’s in Naperville, IL. to old Foremost and Armanettis You name it, I’ve been there. I would much appreciate your assistance in this regard and appreciate your carrying such a vast array of tastes in the Rum world.

  11. rum guy says:

    South Carolina’s numerous shifting sand bars, shallow bays and bayous has a long history of being a haven for smugglers, pirates and zealous revenuers. Personally, I like the idea of a rum label based on local history. I don’t like rums that attempt to capitalize on some made-up story that has no basis in either fact or lore.

  12. rum guy says:

    You are right, you couldn’t find Barrilito on my site since most of the data base hadn’t yet been transferred. Last Friday, the server for the Ministry of Rum website was transferred and the data is being transferred, but this is going to take more time. But you can now find a few places that sell Barrilito, but before you risk being stuck at an airport due to cancelled flights, call the store and ask if they have the rum you are looking for in stock.
    The new trade registry will allow retailers to update their listing in my database.
    There are several new features that are being implemented, your patience will be rewarded!

  13. John says:

    Ed: My new restaurant & bar, Duffy McKaw’s is dedicated to the enjoyment of rum. I would like to communicate with you regarding your knowledge in this endeavor. My website is not yet active

    John Schmitt

  14. There is now a rum forum on the Ministry of Rum website where you can post information and comments about all rum related endeavors.

  15. aaron fretz says:

    can i find barrlito rum in new jersey if so who is the distributor? thank you

  16. The rum forums are the best place to ask this question. Distribution of Barrilito changes on a regular basis. It isn’t widely distributed as production is low and there are no plans to increase availability. It is available online at a number of online stores.

  17. Hello Ed and the others,
    I am looking for a Jamaican rum to import to France and since appleton is already distributed here i was wondering wheter some of you could send me their views and acknowledge of high quality rasta rums.

  18. I would like to invite you to join an online conference of drink bloggers: Drink. Blog. Talk 2007. It will be held between September 22 and 29, 2007 and anybody who blogs about alcoholic drink is invited to take part. I have not been able to find a contact email on your site so, if you are interested, please contact me at japanesewhisky at and I will send you out an invite. If you want to find out more about who I am, I blog at about Japanese whisky. The idea for the conference came out of a discussion between myself, Kevin Erskine (of and Jeffrey Morgenthaler (of on a thread at Kevin’s blog. I hope you will be able to take part.

  19. Tom Jack says:


    Great article in Time Magazine!. My brother Rob and I are passionate rum drinkers. My greatest rum tasting moment was in a bar in Cleveland, Ohio in 1981. The bartender was selling shots of a rum called ” Ramona” for one dollar each. It was the finest tasting alchoholic beverage that I have ever consumed. In your travels throughout the Carribean, have you ever come across this product? I went back to the bar in Cleveland in early 1982 to see if they had any more Ramona, and the owner said that he was all out. I f you ever come across any more Ramona, let me know.
    Bacardi’s 8 year old aged dark rum is ok, but it doesn’t begin to compare to Ramona.

    Best of luck in your travels!

    Tom Jack

  20. Ed Hamilton says:

    Ramona was one of the multitude of private label rums that didn’t gain enough momentum quickly enough to stay in the market. Considering that you found this rum more than 25 years ago, the chance of finding more is somewhere between slim and none.

  21. dot milsom says:

    I also had this drink “Romona” in Jamaica about 30 years ago. And lately have tried to find it but without any luck. I found these letters on the internet and was taken back with this last letter – that someone else actually liked the product. Is there anything that would resemble Romana in taste? So, I guess we are out of luck ….

  22. Theresa Davis says:

    I had Romona at the Appleton Estate just last week and even bought a bottle. Try contacting Appleton in Jamaica directly or a local Appleton representative.

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